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Laidback Luke @ Sankeys (20th January 2012)

After hours of driving, shopping for alcohol, getting ready, vomming and wandering around Manchester trying to find Sankeys, we arrived and managed to go straight through to the venue without even showing tickets (not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing). We were told by a random girl that we wouldn’t have a chance getting inside as it was after 12AM but she was wrong, we clearly had no problem getting in. Being very excited to see Laidback Luke we wandered around for a while raving to a bit of Jason Herd and Oliver Twizt, who got the crowd buzzing and from what I remember put on good sets. Finally the 3AM mark came and the basement was ram-jam, we worked our way to the front of the DJ booth and raved for the next 3 1/4 hours. Managed to get quite a lot of eye contact, photographs and a hi five from Luke, not forgetting he put on an amazing set, he was loving life non stop and knew exactly what tunes to play and when to play them to keep the crowd going. There wasn’t one moment at all that anyone was stood still.

I’m a massive fan of Laidback Luke, even more so since he has been invovled with Example AKA Elliot Gleave, and I’m already on the look out for future events. Sadly a lot of this year he will be spending touring outside of the UK. Overall, I had a night I will never forget, and this guy is definitely a DJ to look out for.


New Years Eve in Amsterdam is something else. Not for the faint hearted mind, it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The Dam square seems to be the place to be, if you want fireworks and lively. Downside is that there’s a chance you’ll end up in hospital, due to fireworks going off in your face or hitting your feet. Other than that, great atmosphere and definitely wouldn’t recommend magic mushrooms / truffles on NYE (bit of a bad idea).